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  • About Us

  • Are you looking for a way to enter the property market, without having to cater to high fees and the surplus charges that so many banks propose? We are a part of the Tundra Mortgages group and if there’s one thing that we specialise in; it’s helping our clients to enjoy cheap deals. We do the leg work, we compare rates and we give banks a drilling to ensure that they do everything that they can to keep their costs as low as possible, so that you can sit back and enjoy the cheapest loan options out there.

    We don’t just talk the talk, we walk the walk as well – and this is demonstrated when looking at the thousands of clients that we’ve helped to date. Some of them wanted the lowest interest rates on the market, while others wanted to borrow more and repay less over longer periods of time. As our team specialises in finding the most flexible loan terms for your needs, you’ll be able to relax in the knowledge that if there’s a good deal to be had – we will find it for you!

    Why should you trust us?

    Although we’ve worked in the business for years, helping thousands of applicants to enjoy extended fixed rate periods, low interest rates and affordable variable terms; it’s our connection to the Tundra Mortgages group that really separates us from our competition. When choosing us you know that you’re in good hands, because we are backed by the largest mortgage brokering agency in Australia.

    We consider the wants and needs of our clients, as well as your budget and even your personal situation. If you want to save a bit of money then sure, go for any old mortgage broker. If you want to save thousands on your total repayment, whilst enjoying the most flexible terms and the fairest rates – then get in touch with our team of expert brokers immediately!